Ich sehe heute überall die gleichen Modischen tollen Blogeinträge.
 Somit möchte Ich heute mit meinem Eintrag den Opfern von 9/11 gedenken !

"You are gone, but you will never be forgotten. It’s Sunday, September 11, 2011. You sit on your computer, trying to figure out what coloring you should use for your photos. Or you’re in front of your fridge, thinking hard on what to eat. Today, a family is mourning over the one they lost when the World Trade Centers toppled down. They sit in their living rooms, looking at pictures. They are at churches, praying that they are safe in all mighty heaven. They are giving full ceremonies so everyone surrounding knows they are missed. To be haunted by the crashing is one thing. To be haunted that their loved one is dead, is another. We take our lives for granted. And don’t you dare deny it. We complain about the clothes we wear, the food we eat, wondering why that boy doesn’t love us back, and why our parents are so unfair. We have roofs over our heads, a place to sleep. We’re surrounded by good things and yet, we still think it isn’t enough. Imagine being a person in those buildings. You’re walking down the sweet scented tile. You wave to one of your co-workers. Fine day it is today. You think everything is as normal as rain. Your photo copier isn’t working. You’re down on your last sip of coffee. Man, life isn’t fair. Then, BOOM! The first plane crashes. You fall from the pulsing pressure of air that fills the building. What’s happening? What was that? How do I escape it? You’re not worrying about the coffee anymore. You realize that a plane just crashed into the building. You’re planning everything out in your mind, trying to stay alive at the same time. Your eyes dart towards the elevator. It doesn’t work. You try the stairs. Always down, you see smoke rising. You can’t see. You pray to God you don’t die now. You run back up the stairs, and head for the spot by the window. The floors are already fumed with smoke. You close your eyes. You take out your cell phone. You call your wife/husband. “I love you.” You whisper. They are panicking, wondering if you’re safe. You’re ready to fall. You’re ready to be caught into the arms of the angels. One, two, three, you break the glass pane. The air lifts you while you fall. And point blank….your head is smashed into the concrete floor. You didn’t want to be burned alive. Just like the thousands of other people in the building. Don’t take your life for granted. Don’t complain about what you’re going to do next Friday. Or why you didn’t get the dress you wanted. Hug your family. Hang out with your friends. Kiss your significant other. Just don’t take the life that is already enough, for granted. Most of the humans on this earth don’t get second chances. So please, remember, love what you have. And never forget September 11, 2001. "
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  1. ich kann ernsthaft nicht sagen, ob ich es ein weniger lächerlich finde, die leute stehts anfangen irgendein thema zu hypen worüber sie sich eigentlich nie gedanken gemacht haben, oder ob es nicht doch gut weil jeder plötzlich so ziemlich das selbe denkt.

  2. Das Thema kann heute nicht genug "gehyped" werden. Meiner meinung nach jedenfalls. Sowas sollte nie in vergessenheit geraten.

  3. Ich finde den Eintrag schön und finde es auch wundervoll, dass noch so viele Menschen an diesen Tag denken, vor allem weil ich damals selbst meinen Stiefonkel verloren habe.

    Und ich stimme zu, das Thema kann nie genug gehyped werden, es ist immer wichtig, wird immer wichtig bleiben!

  4. Was da passiert ist, war so schlimm und ich fand es gut das fast jeder darüber geschrieben hat. Das ist ein wichtiges Thema :)